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Tiger's Eye Coffin Talisman

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Elevate style and inner strength with our Tiger's Eye talisman. Handmade with unique tiger's eye stone, this talisman exudes courage and power. 

Tiger's Eye is an ancient talisman, revered for its powers to grant wearers the ability to observe all. It's used to express divine vision and represents courage and strength. This stone is also known for bringing prosperity and protecting against threats to one's wellbeing. Its chatoyant layers give it a captivating appearance, and it helps integrate the spiritual and physical realms. Tiger's Eye sharpens inner vision and encourages wise use of one's powers. It inspires creativity and is great for attracting wealth and good fortune, making it ideal for entrepreneurs and those pursuing major career changes. Its protective properties make it useful for unfamiliar situations, and it sharpens the senses for quick thinking and perceiving one's consequences

Metaphysical Properties 

  • Divine Vision
  • Courage 
  • Integrity
  • Prosperity and Good Fortune
  • Creativity


You may request black leather, black cotton rope, or any other color in checkout notes. 

'Become Spellbound' means to find the magic in everyday life, to stay curious and open hearted, to be bold, and seek out experiences of awe and wonder!

Proudly Handmade in the USA.  Female crafted, owned and operated.