Descent✧˚ · . by Zen + Magic – Become Spellbound

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Descent✧˚ · . by Zen + Magic


"When the roots are deep, there's no reason to fear the wind" 

Inspired by Persephone, daughter of Zeus and wife of Hades.  A goddess in the heavens and a queen in the underworld.  Balance is powerful. 

"As above, so below; as below, so above"

Experience deep transformation with Descent.  This limited release, one of a kind offering was handcrafted by Zen and Magic in collaboration with Become Spellbound.  Descent is a special energetic spray helps to cleanse your auric field and open the gateway to shadow work. Infused with geranium, neroli, ash tobacco, cognac, devilwood, and notes of pomegranate, it's the perfect ally for a transformative journey into your depths. Light the spark within... 

*Geranium for auric cleansing

*Neroli for self-purification

*Ash Tobacco to deliver wishes & intentions to be heard in the spirit world

*Cognac for blood energy and stamina

* Devilwood to invoke healing with the energy of the moon