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Third Eye Talisman


The third eye rests on the forehead, slightly above the point between eyebrows. According to many spiritual traditions, it allows perception beyond ordinary sight. An open third eye reveals a higher consciousness that the rules of the physical world can’t easily explain. The Third Eye represents enlightenment, wisdom, divinity, intuition and psychic powers, and is considered the 'seat of the soul' by ancient philosophers.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, opening the third eye activates the higher consciousness, making enlightenment possible. Part of enlightenment, the wisdom that comes from opening the third eye is the ability to tell truth from illusion. In Hinduism, this kind of spiritual wisdom involves understanding that the physical world isn’t the only world. Realizing that the spirit world exists is the wisdom of enlightenment. The third eye is connected to intuition in the chakra system, and aids in meditation.  It is an energy center that gives people insight beneath the surface of what can be physically observed.  The third eye’s power manifests in many different ways. Clairvoyance, or the ability to perceive the future or anything beyond the senses, is a primary association. It can also provide someone with mystical visions, the ability to see auras or out-of-body experiences.

This piece is a special collaboration between @wrongworld, a Philadelphia based ceramic artist and @become_spellbound!  

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