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Indigo Gabbro 'Mystic Merlinite' Talisman

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Indigo Gabbro aka 'Mystic Merlinite' is a volcanic stone that is a combination of Quartz, Feldspar, and other trace minerals and is primarily found in Madagascar. 

Gabbro refers to a type of stone that makes up the Oceanic crust, and is abundantly underneath all the Oceans… Indigo Gabbro, however, is a specific variation of this volcanic and Oceanic stone which developed in a sacred power spot of Madagascar, and it has unique Indigo coloring, associated with the Indigo and Violet Ray. 

Indigo Gabbro is remarkable for its incredibly high vibration, it’s balancing and centering energy, and its ability to cleanse and transmute detrimental influences and harmful energies. This is also said to heighten intuition, assist one on their spiritual path, help one connect to higher spiritual dimensions and assists with dream recall.