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Fossilized Coral Talisman


Fossilized coral is a natural gemstone that is created when prehistoric coral is gradually replaced with agate. Corals are marine animals and it is their skeletons that are fossilized and preserved. The fossilized coral forms through hardened deposits left by silica-rich waters. The entire process can take over 20 million years.

This particular type of coral, Horn Coral of the order Rugosa first appeared during the Ordovician Period, which began 488 million years ago; and persisted through the Permian Period, which ended 251 million years ago, so this fossil is a minimum of 251 million years old. 

The proper name for fossil coral is "agatized coral" or "agatized fossil coral." Agate, is a variety of naturally occurring chalcedony--or microcrystalline quartz--rather than a type of coral. For this reason, fossil coral should not be mistaken for endangered or protected reef coral or precious coral. Fossil coral is also much harder than precious coral. 

According to metaphysical beliefs, fossil coral is a grounding stone good for bringing about change and it is believed to enhance longevity.  Although coral is not a traditional birthstone for any month, it is a non-traditional zodiac stone for Taurus.