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Chlorite Quartz Talisman


Chlorite Quartz is the name given to Quartz included (or coated) with Chlorite. Chlorite Quartz often forms phantom formations, where Chlorite is deposited on the surface of Quartz, which subsequently grows larger, creating a 'green ghost crystal' within the Quartz crystal.
Chlorite Quartz is considered a Guardian Bonder talisman In the physical world it is an excellent aids in protecting your loved ones, your possessions, and your physical security. In the spiritual world, Chlorite Quartz can guard your beliefs against doubt and can help you keep true to your ideals and beliefs. I‎t is considered a powerful healing crystal because the combination can amplify the purifying, detoxifying properties of chlorite, making it one of the best crystals for cleansing both of the physical and auric bodies.
This is the top piece in the second photo.