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XL Minty Green Apophyllite and Peach Stilbite Talisman


Green Apophyllite can assist in the “letting go” of issues that no longer serve and allow the act of forgiveness and healing. It will balance the emotions with a gentle, loving energy and enhance spiritual growth.
Green Apophyllite crystals emanate an energy that resonates with the abundant life force of the world of nature. Keeping one of these stones and ones indoor environment will infuse it with the refreshing energies of nature. Wearing one will increase the flow of life force throughout one’s whole being, these are a deal stones for those recovering from illness - invoking the energies of rebirth healing and growth. I‎t can assist in communication with animals and with gardening or restoring wild areas. It’s message of affirmation is: I am a creature of the Earth, at one with the realm of Nature. 

Stilbite’s name comes from the Greek word meaning “to shine,”and that is exactly what this crystal urges one to do. The kind of support that Stilbite lends is almost parental in nature; it is unconditionally loving and emotionally grounding. It gives realistic insight with gentle vibrations. For anyone having trouble visualizing the next step in life, or just needing some guidance, meditating with a Stilbite crystal cluster is a great way to gain a sense of direction.


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