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Fossilized Extinct Cave Bear Tooth Talisman


These fossilized teeth are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain in this quality!  

The Cave Bear was a huge omnivorous bear that lived in Europe and Asia during the Pleistocene Era and became extinct about 24,000 years ago. It resided in caves year-round compared to modern bears which only use caves as a shelter for hibernation.  When standing on its hind legs, the height of this beast would have averaged 10 feet tall!  Skulls have been found 20 inches in length.  The closest relative is our modern day brown bear but the cave bear averages 30% greater in size.

Evidence found in caves suggests that prehistoric humans either worshipped the cave bear or used its remains in religious rituals.  "Temples" have been discovered intact within caves that were set up and left by Neanderthals with cave bear skulls set upon rock altars and arranged in formations.  Instances of teeth and bones carefully lined up have also been discovered in caves once occupied by Neanderthals. 

Today, some Native American tribes revere bears as magical and believe they have healing power. The bear claw or pieces from a bear are revered by some tribes as a magical medicine talisman. When worn, the talisman imbues the bear's power to the wearer, including healing gifts. The bear can also bestow spiritual healing through solitude and the power it imbues to those willing to meditate and contemplate the evolution of their soul.

As a totem animal, the bear teaches lessons in solitude. This spirit animal can guide you to self-discovery through introspection. Just as the bear wanders into a cave for hibernation, you can retreat in solitude to meditate and turn inward for enlightenment. The bear's powerful spirit can also teach you how to stand up for what you believe in and stand your ground when others challenge your power and ability to protect all you hold dear.


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